How To Get Top Dollar for Your Freelance Writing Skills

If you are writing for a living, chances are that you are doing something you truly have a passion for. However, just because you are working in a job you love doesn’t mean you can’t get paid well for it! If you have been less than happy with your monthly income, the fact is that you do indeed have quite a bit of control over your income. There certainly is a time and place in every freelance writer’s career to take on those one-cent-per-word jobs, but if you have a true talent for the written word, you can absolutely command a higher rate for your superior skills.

A Look at Low-Rate Jobs. You only have to spend a few minutes perusing project descriptions and job descriptions online to know that some projects are designed simply to drive traffic to websites while others are designed to actually be read by real humans, to create a need, to sell a product or service, or simply to educate. Obviously, the basic writing projects won’t take up so much time and can be filled by far less skilled writers. If you are a highly skilled writer, you can certainly work on these projects to fill up your free time, but you cannot expect to get top dollar for working on them.

Projects to Suit Your Talents. If you are used to turning out article after article, description after description, or some other type of writing project at a high rate of speed, you likely are getting paid for how fast you can type and not for how great you can write. To get what your talents are worth, you will want to move beyond these low-skill jobs and try to fill your days with writing far few words, but far more meaningful words. It is far more difficult to find these types of projects, but you will find that they are far more lucrative and rewarding.

Look Beyond Bid Sites. You may be accustomed to finding your work projects on bid sites for freelance writers, but if you want to find those top-dollar projects that are designed for highly skilled freelance writers, you may need to look beyond those bid sites. You can look at working as a freelance writer on regular job search sites like and others, and you can also search job postings directly on company websites. Consider companies that have a constant need for writing services such as advertising, marketing, and website development companies. You can also look at publishing companies for editing and ghostwriting jobs. Some of these companies will want to hire you on as a salaried employee, but others will allow you to continue your independent contractor status if that is what you prefer.

If you truly have a superior talent for freelance writing, you will find that you don’t have to settle for less than top dollar on your work. There truly are jobs available where quality is valued over how fast you can type. Consider putting some of these tips and ideas into motion today so that you can start getting paid what your talents truly are worth.


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