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If you are in the freelance writing business, you likely have some great writing or editing skills that you can’t wait to show off. But often new freelance writers have trouble getting their foot in the door somewhere to establish some experience. Many freelance writing gigs posted online will ask that you submit a proposal for the job along with a sample of your work, and if you don’t have any samples worth sending out, you’re going to have a much harder time getting jobs than someone who has some experience and a few writing samples.

Most freelancer writers, regardless of how long you have been working as a freelancer, have heard about is especially popular with new freelance writers who are looking to get some experience. But the website is also a great way for even experienced freelance writers to pick up some quick and easy assignments fast in order to fill some holes in their schedule. The reason is a good fit in these areas is that the majority of the assignments are pretty simple, straightforward assignments and the employer doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your services. So in this regard, the website is ideal for newbies. Plus, most of the projects on can be completed very quickly. Some may take a fast worker an hour to complete, and a few may take you a full day’s work. The time commitment for post gigs falls somewhere within this time frame.

There is a lot of competition for jobs on, despite the fact that jobs are fairly low-paying. But because fits a unique niche in the world of freelance writing, it’s a great resource for jobs. If you want to get a few jobs under your belt fast with, whether for the experience, quick cash, or to fill a hole in your schedule, the secret is to set yourself apart from the competition. Take a minute to concisely explain your expertise in this area, in terms of both writing and the subject matter. Also stress that you can turn around the work within the time frame requested. You can see what some of the other bidders are saying (at least those who don’t keep their entire message hidden away in the PMB), so take advantage of this information and make your post stand out more. By all means, hide your message away in a PMB so you can keep your edge over the competition. Tip: It does help to try to convey in the message that you are friendly and easy to work with without coming right out and saying that. posts the employer’s budget for the job, as well as the number of bids and the average bid amount. This is incredibly valuable information that other freelance writing websites don’t all provide. While some employers will take the low-ball bidder who goes in with the rock bottom price, others may see that as a sign to expect shoddy work . Put some thought into your bid amount to ensure it falls within the employer’s posted budget. Most people have best results in they bid at or slightly below the average bid amount, provided that is still a fair amount for you to work for. Also, keep in mind that, while free to search, will take a 5% commission on any earnings received through the website.

Because offers mostly low paying assignments and has some stiff competition for jobs, you likely won’t make this your main resource to find jobs. However, it’s a great resource for new freelance writers to get some experience under their belts and for established freelance writers to supplement their income and fill up their schedule with paying gigs when necessary.


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