The Case Study Guide to Freelance Writing

About this book:
Whether you want to publish a book, establish your credibility as a writer, or build a profitable publishing career, it helps to follow in the footsteps of successful writers before you.

This book focuses on writers who publish non-fiction writing as freelance writers. Included is 10 case studies that give you blueprints for freelance writing success.

Remember: The amount of effort you put into applying the lessons in this book to your own life will determine the level of success you achieve as a writer.

I encourage you to spend quality time with each of these case studies. Write down detailed answers to each question at the end of each case study. Figure out how you can apply the lessons to your own life.

Don’t worry about results yet. Spend time reflecting on your own situation. Start to imagine the case study you will be able to write for your own career. Begin to fill in the details.

With each new case study, try to figure out the one little detail that could change your life. Sometimes the answer will be obvious. Sometimes it will take hours of reflection before you wake up in the middle of the night with an “aha” moment.

I have compiled this book as a small guide to unlocking your own potential as a writer.

May this book serve you well.

And may it challenge you in unexpected ways.
The Case Study Guide to Freelance Writing (FREE)

The Case Study Guide to Freelance Writing (KINDLE / $2.99)