The Paid Publishing Guidebook: Download Page

Updated February 11th, 2016. Now with 217 markets that pay $50+.

Over the past year I have been researching writing markets as part of the weekly newsletter for Freedom With Writing. I’ve found dozens of markets – many of them listed nowhere else – and presented them to our subscribers, completely free of charge.

This collection of markets is a sort of “year in review”, accumulating many of them into a single list for the very first time.

Included are both online and print publications. All of them are paying markets. All of them pay at least $50 for some of their writing. Many of them pay much more.

All of the markets are presented with expected payment information. This information should be considered a starting point for your negotiation with the publisher. Payment for some markets are “set in stone”, while others are quite flexible.

While the majority of these markets are always open to submissions from freelance writers, some of them are closed to submissions from time to time.

This book is not a guide to freelance writing. It is intended to be used as a research tool for finding freelance writing markets to publish your work. For a general guide to freelance writing, be sure to get a copy of The No B.S. Guide to Freelance Writing.

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