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Ready to write a variety of content types for high-profile clients and get paid very well to do so? If this is the case, then Scripted is the company for you. When you become a Scripted writer, you gain an elevated level of respect within the industry. Scripted co-founders, Sunil Rajaraman and Ryan Buckley claim that writers who work for Scripted are the finest content writers available.

Company Overview

Based out of San Francisco, CA, Scripted is a well-known authority in the field of content marketing. They offer a variety of freelance writing services to their clients such as short or long blog posts, press releases, website pages, copywriting, white papers, journalistic articles and video scripts. Clients are able to generate their own topics or have Scripted writers pitch their own ideas to them.

How to Sign Up

New writers who would like to give Scripted a try simply need to follow this link: https://app.scripted.com/writers/sign_up

To start, general information is required such as name, email address, phone number and education level. After creating a password you will be asked if you are a full-time professional writer or if you have ever been paid to write at all. At this point, you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions. In order to pass their approval process, you will need to provide writing samples which meet or exceed company standards.

How to Get Writing Jobs

After being initially approved to write for Scripted, in order to get any writing job after that you must be approved in a particular Industry type first. You will need to complete an application for every Scripted Industry, or topic which you feel you are qualified to write for. Scripted’s current list of Industries include: Environmental, Education, Food & Beverage, Business, Art & Design, Sports & Fitness, Healthcare, Lifestyle/Travel, Business, Entertainment, Legal, Internet/Software, Tech Hardware, Government & Politics and Religion & Philosophy. There is no limit to the number of Industries you can apply for with Scripted. Once you have been approved in that particular industry, here is how you go about getting jobs.

From your personal Scripted dashboard, click on the “Unclaimed Jobs” tab. This will bring up a complete list of every job available on Scripted at that point in time. There is also a drop-down menu at the top where the writer can choose a specific Industry to look for a job in. Next, look at the titles which they have available, as well as their due dates and click on any that interest you. After doing so, you will be able to view every given detail about the job including any attachments containing specific instructions from the client. If you like what you see and wish to claim the job, simply click the “Take Job” button and it becomes yours to create.


Ranked as one of the top five writer communities on the Internet, Telecrunch reports that Scripted has more than 80,000 freelancers writers working for them, with about 80% based in the United States. To determine the status of their reputation, it depends on who you ask. High-profile clients, including companies worth billions of dollars, turn to Scripted to provide a large amount of their web content, time and again. However, some clients have criticized Scripted for providing too slow of a turnaround time for the companies to receive their content. How is Scripted’s reputation with their writers? Let me provide you with an account of my personal experience with the company as a Scripted writer.

Pros of Writing for Scripted

One of the aspects I am most impressed by is Scripted’s level of clientele. For example, the very first job I claimed with Scripted was writing blog posts for a well known cosmetics company. After this, I began writing for a major online auction website. These were bigger clients than I was used to writing for, and this made me feel like I had really accomplished something.

Another impressive aspect about writing for Scripted is their rate of pay. Scripted pays their writers a flat fee which is posted clearly on every job before it is taken. How much you make on a project varies from client to client. Scripted does not post a specific price range per word which writers should expect to receive. However, being a Scripted writer I can tell you that I generally receive around 5 to 7 cents a word, depending on the client.

There is a way to receive a significantly higher pay rate for some articles and this is to become a Scripted Specialist. For example, a writer who is also a medical professional may want to apply to become a specialist in Healthcare writing. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, the piece will pay much higher than their standard jobs do. The application process to become a Specialist is similar to becoming approved in an Industry; however be aware that it is much harder to become approved as a Scripted Specialist on a particular topic.

The Cons

There are a few things I would advise anyone who wishes to become a Scripted writer. The first is to not depend on it for your only source of income, as I advise for several reasons. The main reason is that with Scripted you will experience feast or famine. One day you will look at the available jobs and find over 1,000 and you can jump for joy. After a week or less, this job pool will disappear and you may find not even one job to claim for a week or two.

Scripted’s job pool is highly competitive. This means you have to get on the website frequently in order to claim a job you want before someone else does. There might be nothing there all day long and then a rush job, called a Superhero Job comes through. You have to stay on your toes if you want to get work. Another con is that when a big batch of orders comes in, it may take you longer than you anticipate to get paid for your work. It could take you up to a month to receive payment in some cases. However, rest assured that as long as the client approves your work, Scripted will pay you for it.


There are many reasons why it is worth your time to write for Scripted. Being a Scripted writer will bring high-profile clients to you and money into your wallet, as long as you stay connected to their website and grab available jobs as quickly as you can. Happy writing!


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