Written By Alexandra Romanov

The Top 5 Online Writing Companies

I’ve reviewed quite a few really great online writing companies over the past few months. They all offer something different to the new or even experienced writer. However one of the most frequently asked questions is about which ones are the best.

To be completely honest here, I know what most people are looking for in a writing company: A company where you can make the most money possible out of the starting gate without much of a learning curve. I get that and most of the companies can offer you something along those lines. Some are better than others so I thought I would give you my take on the top five writing companies that I have reviewed.

A few thoughts before I get to the list. The sites that made my list were rated based on various criteria including pay, editing and issues. I eliminated any site that has known issues with either paying their writers on time or having editors that are draconian. As a writer myself I know how bad a horrible editor can make your day.

1) Scripted

Scripted.com is an outstanding site for freelance writers to pick up new clients, fill in gaps during slow periods and examine new topics. The pay is good and the terms are transparent. The editing process is fair and fast. Payment is twice a month. I’ve never heard of a single problem either with the editors or with payment. Scripted is staffed by genuinely nice people which is rare in the freelance world. You have to apply to each topic area individually but you can earn a living from this site alone. The above average pay for online writing sites is roughly $25 for a 400-word article. Read our full review.

2) Flexjobs

I rate Flexjobs.com high on the list because it enables the freelance writer to constantly find new clients with a minimum of stress and searching. After you set up your various resumes you can apply for jobs with a single click. Where many sites keep a barrier between you and your client, Flexjobs.com has none. Everyone that works there has been very nice and is willing to help with any issues. Payment is between you and the client so there is no set pay schedule. You also have the ability to negotiate your article fees so the amount you earn is largely up to you. Read our full review.

3) Contently

Contently.com is one of my favorite sites. I recommend this site to all new freelance writers because of their online profile. Even if you never write a single word for them you are still allowed to have a profile there. You can then use the profile to get other writing gigs. Now if you actually want to write for them, they pay very well. There is more editing here than most other sites but it’s the great kid that is so rare; there is a dialogue between you and the editor. You can hash out the piece as a team. Most sites just let the editor kill it without a reason. I’ve never heard of that happening with Contently. A basic article rate is around $80 for 600 words. Read our full review.

4) Ebyline

The next site that makes the cut is Ebyline.com. This site is great for those with a bit more experience or the beginner who is a fast learner. This site is fast-paced and really a fun place to write. A degree helps during the application process but it isn’t required if you have some great samples. Getting started is quick and payment is weekly. At roughly $50 for a 500-word article, the fees aren’t bad either. This is also a great site to sell articles that you have written. This is one of the few sites that operate in this manner. This is a great way to add to your income while writing what you like and to your own specifications. Read our full review.

5) Yahoo Voices

It will probably surprise people that Yahoo Voices made it to this list. No, their upfront payment isn’t the highest and it’s primarily a residual income site. However it’s still one of the best writing sites out there for freelance writers. For starters, one you have written a few articles for them you can apply to their various programs and get beat assignments. These assignments pay around $15 for a 400-word article. There is also lifetime residual income. For as long as the site exists, you will get pay-per-view income based on reader traffic. This is a great site to build a brand, put articles that were rejected from other sites and build up an independent income stream. The staff is friendly and pay is monthly. If you are going to build a residual income stream then this is the best place to do it. Read our full review. Plus read our in-depth article on how to succeed with Yahoo Voices.


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