Crowd Content: Get Paid to Write Product Descriptions

Written By Cindy H

Crowd Content is a website that pays you to write product descriptions. It can be a way to earn extra income. Crowd Content is expanding, which allows for more writing opportunities for writers. Writing opportunities are available to writers looking for fast, fun, easy filler work.

Company Overview for Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a small, intimate online marketing company dedicated to creating high quality, valuable content to customers. Based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, this company wants to provide customers with content in a quick, timely manner.

The company’s commitment to completely work in a quick fashion has required them to implement several rules and procedures. Writers are given a claim limit, which is in line with how many consecutive orders have been completed. Claim limits start at 1 and move up to 5.

Missed deadlines and completing work that is not rated ‘good’ or higher by the client can result in quality level demotion. Quality level is what determines what types of content a writer sees and increases pay rates.

A TAT bonus system is created by Crowd Content. This system creates an average words per hour score for the system. If a writer’s TAT score is higher than the average for the past 5 completed orders, he or she is eligible to receive an ‘extra bonus’ on completed orders. The TAT System was created to help Crowd Content stay in line with their commitment to getting completed, quality work to customers as fast as possible.

The Writing Opportunities at Crowd Content

Crowd Content’s main types of articles that are available to writers include product descriptions or product re-writes. A vast majority of the clients that come to this platform for content are looking for new or revised product descriptions for everything from eBay stores to main company websites.

Crowd Content also offers clients the opportunity to have writers write website content, blog posts, SEO keyword content, newsletters, eBooks, white papers, and press releases. The rate per word for these opportunities varies depending upon the quality level of the content.

The current pricing system for Crowd Content is approximately:

  • 1 star writers – 1.2-1.4 cents per word
  • 2 star writers – 2-2.3 cents per word
  • 3 star writers – 4.4-5.2 cents per word
  • 4 star writers – 6.6-7.6 cents per word

Facebook and Tweets are available for bulk pricing. The bulk pricing varies depending upon the number of posts/tweets requested.

Writers can move up in quality level by submitting exceeded expectation work. Levels are not analyzed until a writer has completed at least 2,500 completed words.

Work is available through an open order system, where writers that meet the level criteria can take the article. Team orders and direct orders are also available. Team orders are available to a special group of writers created by the client, while direct orders are sent to the individual writer.

Occasionally, a Crowd Content account representative will send out a mass email to writers looking for specific talent. Writers can apply to this email to receive consideration for a team/direct order.

How to Sign Up for Crowd Content

Writers can sign up for Crowd Content by signing up here.. Occasionally, the site will not be hiring writers and a writer may sign up to join a waiting list. Waiting list times will vary from a few days, to more than a month.

Signing up for Crowd Content requires you to have a valid email address and valid PayPal account. Writers must reside in Canada or the United States. The sign up process takes just a matter of minutes and requires the use of an original sample that is created per the guidelines/request of the website.

One of the first things that will be asked of a writer signing up for Crowd Content is to choose a profile picture. Crowd Content places a huge emphasis on having professional-looking photos.

Writers are also asked to create a pen name. Pen names cannot resemble the writer’s real name and are used for communicating with clients. This prevents writers and clients from finding each other off-site.

After uploading a profile picture and picking a pen name, writers will need to fill out their profile. Writers are asked to pick 5 specialties that can include everything from technology and weddings to science and shopping. The specialties will appear on a writer’s profile and clients can use these to search for ‘teams’ of writers.

Writer will need to write up a mini bio (50 words or less) and submit a writing sample. All of this information, including profile picture that is used, will be used to consider initial quality level rating.

Reputation of Crowd Content

Across the writing community Crowd Content has kept a fairly low profile. There are very few writer reviews available for working with this company. Considering this company has been around for several years, this is a pretty amazing feat.

Payments, always a concern amongst freelance writers, are distributed on a regular basis into PayPal. There hasn’t been an issue with on-time payments, as the company keeps writers up-to-date- on pay day by way of the writer portal. Writers can instantly see when payments will be distributed and can even check the amount.

Personal Experience with Crowd Content

Crowd Content has some amazing writing opportunities available, especially if you are a writer that enjoys working and creating product descriptions – as product descriptions are the company’s primary article type. Unfortunately, work can be extremely scarce and when available goes quickly. This makes writing at Crowd Content, on a full-time basis, difficult.

Crowd Content is great for writers looking for ‘filler’ jobs. The heavy emphasis on quick turnaround times – the company prefers you to write the content and submit it within hours – means a writer is unable to grab work and complete it in the morning. Work, when it is there, can be grabbed and completed quickly. This allows you to make a decent per-hour rate, but work is not always available.

The only way to really grab work and assignments is to constantly refresh the main platform page. Some days, this is done for hours with no work available. An email subscription option is available, but the emails are only sent out after a job has been available for over an hour; most of the times when an email is sent, the job is gone and/or unavailable.

Writers that like detailed instructions and guidelines for jobs might find working here difficult. Clients pretty much submit their orders with their own personal instructions, or lack of instructions. For example, a re-write may have just a link to the product with no guidance on style, voice, necessary information. This can lead to a revision request or two, because a client wants something specific that was not mentioned in the original directions.

Overall Conclusion of Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a great place to find filler work that is quick, easy and sometimes fun to write. Unfortunately, the lack of work on a regular basis means that writers often forget about the website as a whole or do not make it a priority to move up in levels.

The pay for 3 and 4 star is competitive with market rates for many ‘content mills’. The key is gaining the experience to move up, as many writers start at a 2 or 3. Once moved up, finding the work when it is available will be the next challenge.


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