Written By Alexandra Romanov

Action Plan: Get Freelance Writing Clients at Networking Meetings

Ready to get paid writing gigs? Here is one of the best ways to get clients quickly, easily, and without a lot of work.

Basically, take a handful of business cards to a networking meeting and hand them out. Mingle a bit, talk to people, and you will find yourself flooded with new orders and more money faster than you ever dreamed possible.

This technique works very well for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals and is the most direct form of direct marketing that exists. This will work for anyone as long as it’s implemented correctly. Here is what you need:

  • Business Cards
  • Website
  • Network Meeting to attend

That’s it and you can use this trick as many times as you like to improve your client list. You are probably wondering what to have on your business cards, who to talk to at the meetings and what to say. These are all easily answered.

Business Cards

Standard cards are fine and you can even print your own. They need your contact information including email and they must have your website listed on them. Take as many as you can to the meetings. Store them in your car. You don’t want to run out.


Unless you plan to carry around writing samples, you need a writers website that has samples on it. You can bet that the first thing someone is going to do after getting a business card is to look over your website and read your samples. Make them the best examples of your work available. (We recommend getting a WordPress.com website to start.)

The networking meetings

The meetings you will attend are subject specific to what you write. If you write healthcare articles, go to networking meetings for hospital administrators and so on. If you are like most freelance writers then you can adapt to whatever network meetings are taking place and attend those.

What to say to prospective clients

Everyone at the meeting is a prospective client. Even if they don’t hire you they could easily pass your card to someone who will. Dress appropriately for the meeting you will attend and mingle in the crowd. Introduce yourself as a freelance writer specializing in the topic of the meeting. Ask questions, talk to the people about the trends in the field. The assumption here is that you know enough about the target group to carry on a conversation with them.

Everyone at these meetings is looking for more business or to improve the business that they have. They will be glad to talk to you about potential writing jobs as they talk to you about their business. Pay attention to what they are saying and consider how they could use your services to benefit their company. Do they have a stagnant website that hasn’t been updated in years? Mention your blogging services and how it can be a boost to their company image, bring in customers and show how the company is responsive to the needs of the community. There is always some area that you can use to create a mutual benefit for yourself and the prospective client.

Who to talk to at the meetings

Absolutely everyone is a potential client. Some people only want to talk to the top people at a company. I say talk to everyone. Hand out your cards and chat with them about current trends, the economy and even their family if they bring it up. Don’t spend more than 5-10 minutes per person because they also want to mingle with the crowd.

Where to find Networking Meetings

Meetup.com has become a great place to look for networking meetings. Also try Linkedin.com and search for local meetings. Other sources for meetings are in the trade area of the newspaper, online message board for your local area and through newsletters. Be sure to check the “upcoming” section of your local newspaper as well.

An easy trick to boost your income

Never, ever leave home without your business cards. You never know when you are going to run into someone who needs your services. Some of my best clients have come from handing them my card at school board and city council meetings. Anyplace where business leaders congregate is a great place to hand out cards and there are always a few of the local business and tech leaders at city council meetings. Pay attention to what is going on locally in your community and attend every meeting where you are likely to find clients.

That’s all you have to do to quickly add to your client list and start making money from your network prospects!


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