6 Anthologies that Pay $100+ for Short Stories

Below is a list of 6 anthologies that are currently seeking submissions of short stories. All of them pay at least $100 to their contributors. The deadlines may be approaching quickly, so if you are interested in submitting, be sure not to delay.

1. Cantina Publishing is calling for submissions of stories for their upcoming anthology Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology. The idea for the anthology nspired by a novel about an iPhone with a life-force-sucking romance app. They will pay $100 per story, plus a contributor’s copy. Learn more here.

2. Fitcat, Inc is calling for submissions for their anthology, Rescued Volume 2. According to their guidelines, “it will feature 12 stories, all written in First Person Cat (in other words, through the eyes of the rescued cats), and a portion of the profits will go to cat rescue. ” They pay $150 per story, plus a potential bonus. Learn more here.

3. Spider Road Press is calling for submissions to their suspense anthology, Approaching Women. They want suspense novellas between 9,000 and 13,000 words. They pay $150, plus 3 contributor copies. Learn more here.

4. Chicken Soup for the Soul is calling for submissions to their anthology, My Very Good, Very Bad Cat. The deadline is approaching very quickly – September 27th, 2015. They want true stories. They pay $200. Learn more here.

5. Less Than Three Press is calling for submissions of their anthology Private Dicks: Packing Heat. They want LGBTQIA stories about the life of a private investigator. They offer $200 per story. The word limit is 20k words. Learn more here.

6. Guardbridge Books is calling for submissions to their anthology Myriad Lands: An Anthology of Non-Western Fantasy.  That means no knights, castles, elves, or dragons. They want world-building and original storytelling. They pay £0.03/word up to 6,000 words. Learn more here.


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