Written By Christiana Walter

10 Women’s Magazines that Pay Freelance Writers

Several women’s magazines have weathered today’s turbulent publishing market. Here are ten publications with topics that run the gamut from style and beauty, to politics, to women’s health features.

For a counterpoint to these magazines, be sure to check out our list of Feminist Magazines.

  1. Cosmopolitan

The classic magazine brings love, relationship, career, and beauty/style to 20-to-40-something women. Here is the list of editors for Cosmpolitan.com, as well as the print magazine. Searching each particular editor on the website will uncover their emails. Bonus tip: Cosmo is currently taking submissions for personal essays about college. Find out more here.

  1. Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day is a fun, down-to-earth publication that features parenting tips, car reviews, and articles about relationships.  Here are their writer’s guidelines. They are a bit stringent about only accepting pitches from writers with clips from national publications, but even if you’re a beginning writer, you can bookmark their guidelines for the future.

  1. Elle Magazine

Elle features high fashion, culture, and women’s issues. Check out their editor list here to pitch your story. The magazine has been going in different directions in recent years, so they may have room for both new and experienced writers.

  1. Essence

“The premiere lifestyle, fashion, and beauty magazine for African-American women,” Essence has been a popular magazine for decades. Click here for specific query-writing instructions in their writing guidelines.

  1. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is a classic women’s magazine whose primary audience is married, working women with children. Known for its recipes and articles about issues everyday women face, Good Housekeeping has a few ongoing submission topics if you’re looking for ideas. Here are the submission guidelines.

  1. Marie Claire

An international monthly magazine for women, Marie Claire was originally published in France in the 1930s. Since then it has become a staple magazine covering fashion, career advice, and politics. Check out their submission guidelines under About Us (scroll down a little ways) here.

  1. Ms. Magazine

Debuting in the 70’s Ms. is a magazine that discusses a variety of issues from a feminist perspective. Click here for a complete masthead, and if you keep scrolling down you’ll find blog and magazine submission instructions as well.

  1. Redbook

A general women’s publication, Redbook’s audience is women 25-35 who are often navigating life transitions like getting married or having children. The magazine focuses on topics like parenting, relationships, and more. This is your chance to write about relatable, modern issues that women tackle. Click here for your writer’s guidelines.

  1. Oxygen

Oxygen is a women’s health magazine that features training, workouts, nutrition tips, and other relevant information. Find the list of editors’ emails here.

  1. Bitch Magazine

Bitch Magazine skews a bit younger (though it’s for gen-exers and boomers as well!), with a sharp, analytical focus on media and popular culture. It features news curation, thoughtful commentary, and provocative personal essays. Click here to learn about Contributor guidelines.

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