10 Parenting Publications That Pay Writers

Written by Christiana Walter.

No matter what kind of family you have, there are all sorts of publications who want to hear about your parenting experience! You may have a unique, important point of view that other parents find helpful, encouraging, or just downright hilarious. Check out this list for 10 more paid writing opportunities for parents.


  1. ADDitude Magazine

The leading destination for families and adults living with ADD and learning disabilities, ADDitude is mostly written by journalists and mental health professionals, but they also accept articles by parents who have personal experience with ADHD and learning disabilities. Check out ADDitude’s writing guidelines here. Bonus: ADDitude is looking for parent bloggers, so if you want to share your journey raising a little one who has ADHD, get your butt over to that link and scroll to the bottom for more info.

  1. Adoptive Family Magazine

An award-winning resource for adoptive parents and people navigating the adoption process, Adoptive Families provides information and support through expert articles, personal stories, and advice. If you’re an adoptive parent (or in the process of adopting), click on the writers’ guidelines here for info on submitting articles or personal essays.

  1. Babble

A lively Disney-affiliated website, Babble is a mix of heartwarming posts, silly stuff, and a variety of resources. Sources from the freelancing grapevine report that Babble pays $150 for an 800-1,000 word piece. Go here for writers’ guidelines.

  1. Working Mother

Working Mother is an insightful, dynamic website with fun, affirming posts, as well as pieces tackling serious issues working mothers deal with. Check out the writer’s guidelines here.

  1. Baby Corner

Baby Corner is a website that provides all-encompassing information, advice, and support for anyone who has, is expecting, or hoping to have a baby. You can pitch your work or ideas to them, or you can apply to be added to their writing pool where you may receive assignments based on their main topics. The writer’s guidelines are here.

  1. Scary Mommy

Despite what the name might conjure, scarymommy.com isn’t just about discipline. The title is simply meant to convey the messy, imperfect, day-to-day life of parenting. There’s a wide scope here! Scary Mommy features thoughtful writing on a variety of issues and parenting stages. The site will pay $100 for a piece of original content. Have a look at their Write for Us section here.

  1. Just Parents

Just Parents is an informative community website for new and expecting parents. The site features everything from cleaning tips to articles about coping with labor. The UK site pays £40 ($60 US). Learn more from their Write for Us here.

  1. Parents & Kids

Parents & Kids Magazine is “a resource for busy families, providing real-life solutions, sound advice, creative ideas, and practical information to make their lives easier.“ Based in the Jackson area of Mississippi, it features informative articles, helpful tips, and topics that parents care about. The pay is $25 per article. Check out their writers’ guidelines here.

  1. Simply Family Magazine

A monthly magazine designed as a free resource for families in a localized region of Montana, Simply Family Magazine covers every parenting stage from newborns all the way through college freshmen. Although they like a local tie-in, there is still room for plenty of humorous stories and “how-to” articles from non-locals. Click here to access their awesome writer’s guidelines including an Editorial Calendar! Fees vary.

  1. The Green Parent

This UK publication assists parents in their pursuit of green living and other parenting goals. Check out their vastly detailed writing guidelines here. Pay is £75 (UK) per 1,000 words.



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