Freedom With Writing Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for Freedom With Writing.

Our primary focus is getting writers paid for their writing. We do that by sending writers lists of publishers that pay.

For example, 7 Magazines that Pay Writers $150 for More.

We also publish the occasional how-to article geared at helping writers learn an important skill for getting paid. (These are less likely to be published.)

I am currently seeking case studies from freelance writers. I want real-world stories about how you got a lucrative freelance writing job, including details about how you landed the gig, sample pitch letters and/or communication with clients, and exact dollar amounts. This will be an example for other writers to follow. Email with “Case Study” in the subject line. Pay starts at $50.

We also publish lists of upcoming writing contests.

We only feature publishers that pay writers. We never feature any publisher that requires submission fees.

  • We pay $30 to $100 for list articles, depending on length. Lists usually range from 7 publishers up to 50.
  • We pay $30 to $150 for how-to articles, essays, and other content. These articles should include real-world examples, including amounts earned. We are especially interested in case studies of how you got a good writing gig. Here is an example, and another example.

We also publish eBooks for writers, which are generally given away completely free to our audience, as well as published on the Amazon Kindle. We pay a flat rate for these eBooks. They’re generally around 10,000 words. Pay starts at $500. See the No B.S. Guide to Freelance Writing and The Paid and Published Writer.

Please query first. For articles, please include suggested title and short description.

For eBooks, please include a short description, an outline, and a paragraph describing why you’re qualified to write the book.

In short, if you would like to write an article for us, send an article proposal to the email address listed below.

Send all queries to Jacob Jans at: