How to Make Money at Home Through Yahoo! Voices

So many people today are looking for ways to make a little extra money at home, and if you have a knack for writing, you can put that skill to use and make money through Yahoo! Voices. Yahoo! Voices, which previously was known as Associated Content before Yahoo! purchased it, accepts content from individuals just like you and will pay you for your pieces. So just how can you use this site to make money?

Free Account

First, you will want to head over to the Yahoo! Voices website and open up a free account. The account gives you access to the publication platform where you can submit your work, and it also connects with you the FAQ page for writers as well as tips and other information you may find helpful before you get started.

Topics That Interest You

Once your account with Yahoo! Voices is created, your next task will be to brainstorm some topics to write about. The website accepts articles on a variety of topics that range from cooking and landscaping tips to celebrity gossip and current news stories. They do prefer pieces that cover a unique angle and prefer not to accept content that has already been covered on their website through other authors. You can take a new angle on a topic, but you do want to avoid simply re-writing what is already posted on the website.

Getting Paid

Once you submit your article, the article will need to be reviewed by an editor and then an offer will be paid. Many new writers to Yahoo! Voices are a bit discouraged at the offer they get on their first few pieces. In many cases, this offer may be $2 or less. However, it is possible to earn $10 or even $20 on a piece through this site. Up-front payment on articles is processed within a few days and sent to your PayPal account. Articles also receive payment based on the views they receive, this payment is processed on a monthly basis and will continue to accrue over time. So a piece you wrote years ago may continue to provide you with a small source of monthly income.

The Real Money

After you have established yourself as a writer though this site, you can then request the ability to be a Featured writer. Featured writers generally are offered a specific number of articles to write each week or each month, and the pay for these articles is known up-front. For instance, Yahoo! Voices may ask you to write three articles for the month of April on your specific topic, and they may offer to pay you $15 per article for those pieces. These pieces also will generate income per views, too.

Realistic Expectations

There are some people who have used Yahoo! Voices as a way to generate a full-time income, but in reality most people use this site to earn a few hundred extra dollars per month. As with similar sites that pay you for your work, you will get out of it what you put into it. Most, however, will find that it’s a great way to supplement your income from home by writing about topics that interest you.


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