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Writing Jobs from GetACopyWriter

Writers who want to make money with their writing should take note. I’ve managed to earn $40 an hour in the short time I’ve been writing for GetACopyWriter. Don’t expect to earn a full-time income with this website, but writing jobs are available, and the pay is fair.

When it comes to the freelance writing world, take note that you might want to be more focused on making money rather than a name. After all, the freelance writing industry is often one in which you will write content for clients followed by getting paid for the words, and with this payment comes complete transferal of your rights to the content that you produce. This means that even though Sally writes one of the best pieces of content that she’s ever produced, if she sells it to Bob, then depending on the terms of the transaction, Bob will be able to take the content and show it off to the world as his own.

If you’re interested in producing content that can be bought and used by other people, then you’re probably looking for platforms that support this type of transaction. And if you haven’t checked out GetaCopyWriter.com yet, then you might want to surf over to the site and give it a look.

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What is GetaCopyWriter?

Getacopywriter is a place where clients and freelance writers merge together. The clients are in need of content, and the writers fulfill their requests. I have found the process of writing for Getacopywriter to be an enjoyable and profitable one so far.

Please do note that making a full-time income from the platform isn’t possible, or at least it’s not for me. I have been with the company for about three weeks, and so far, I have been assigned three jobs, all of which have and are paying about $20 a piece. At this rate, I will earn about $80 a month from GetaCopyWriter clients, which is nothing to complain about, especially being that the projects I have worked on have only required about two hours of my attention (that’s about $40 an hour).

The Application Process

To be honest, my mind is a bit rusty on the application process for GetaCopyWriter. It’s one of those sites that I applied to several months ago and then forgot about. I was taken by surprise when I received an email one day stating that I had been accepted and was able to apply for projects.

However, what I do remember about the process was that you scroll to the bottom of their home page and clicked on ‘Copywriters Apply’ and then filled out a questionnaire. You are asked to submit your name, website/blog URL, and the state you live in.

After submitting the answers to the questionnaire, you are then sent an email giving you log in information to the site. Once logged in, you can then apply for different specialty areas, which are as follows:

  • Finance & Insurance: Tax, Banking, Economy
  • Internet Marketing: SEO, SEM, CRO, E-commerce, Social Media, Blogging
  • Software & Technology: Data, Cloud, Development, Mobile Web
  • Electronics: Computers, Gadgets
  • Travel & Hospitality: Holidays, Hotels, SPA, Restaurants, Food & Beverages
  • Fashion & Beauty: Clothing & Accessories, Cosmetics & Care
  • Health & Fitness: Wellbeing, Training, Diet, Nutrition, Supplements
  • Medical: Healthcare, Pharmacy, Equipment
  • Baby & Children: Baby & Kid Products, Pregnancy, Parenting
  • Industrial: Natural Resources, Energy, Environment
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Education

To apply to each category, you will have to submit three writing samples. Fortunately, you can submit links to relevant works that have already been published on the web under your name; that’s what I did. In doing this, I didn’t have to spend my time creating new samples (which as any true writer will tell you is very aggravating because you are literally writing for nothing with the hopes of getting accepted and possibly making some money).

Types of Assignments

As stated above, for me, this site is not a platform in which I can earn a full-time income. However, I should mention that I have only applied to three of the categories listed above; software & technology, education and Internet marketing. I have been accepted for the software & technology category, while my other two applications are pending approval.

What I find odd is that the projects I have been assigned have nothing to do with technology. In fact, they have been about business conferences, interior design and carpet cleaning.

In order to receive assignments through Getacopywriter, you have to make a pitch for each project that comes along that falls within your category. There are some projects that I apply to and some that I don’t; however, I think I have successfully landed about 40 percent of the projects that I’ve applied to.


I have only received payment for one project thus far (only one has been accepted, one is pending approval and one is awaiting my first draft), however, the payment came exactly as promised; via PayPal on the date that was stated, which is always the next Friday after the content that I produce is accepted from the client.

Tips for Winning Pitches

Unlike many other writing platforms, GetaCopyWriter does not come with the advantage of being able to snag jobs off an ‘Open Order’ job board where all writers are given access. Instead, you must make a pitch to each project that you are interested in. This can become a bit tedious, but so far, I have found a lot of luck in being able to land a good portion of the projects that I pitch.

My biggest tip for making pitches is to leave all your experience off the table. Clients don’t care. Instead, simply tell the client what you intend to cover in the content that you provide. For example, I just made a pitch yesterday to a carpet cleaning client about five different helpful topics that I would discuss. About an hour or two later, I was accepted for the project.

Lastly, I suggest applying to each category that you have any experience in. I have only applied for three (been accepted to one so far) and I’m already finding success with this company. It’s definitely a nice egg to have in my basket.

If you want to earn side income as a writer, then GetACopyWriter is a good place to start. In my experience, I’ve earned $40 an hour with my time on the site. Do not expect to earn a full time income with this website, but writing jobs are available, and the pay is fair.

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