Seven Magazines that Pay Writers (Up to $1,200 Per Article)

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Here’s a list of seven magazines that pay writers. Included is a variety of topics, include Texas culture and history, travel, Christianity, rockets, and journalism.

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Jacob Jans

Texas Co-op Power Magazine is a monthly magazine by Texas Electric Cooperatives. They publish stories about Texas history, culture, food, travel, and destinations, with particular interest in areas served by the electric cooperatives. They pay $300 to $1,200 per article, depending on its length and quality. They pay a kill fee of one-third of the contracted amount. For details, read their writer’s guidelines.
BBC Travel is a feature section within the website They offer high-quality content on destinations around the globe. They are looking for feature articles of 800 to 2,000 words. According to payment reports, they pay up to $0.56 per word. For details, visit this page.
Lutheran Science Institute (LSI) provides “resources to churches, pastors, teachers, and individual Christians in areas of science, especially in matters relating to creation and evolution.” They want single articles to be kept below 4,000 words. They prefer articles of 1,200 words. They pay $0.04 a word for the first 1,000 words, and $0.02 a word thereafter, up to a maximum of $120 for an article. To learn more, refer to this page.
Sport Rocketry is the official journal of National Association of Rocketry. It is dedicated to the sport rocket hobby. They want full length feature articles that are accompanied by high quality photos or illustrations. They pay $350 per feature article. To learn more, refer to this page.
Aurora is University of Alaska Fairbanks’ magazine for alumni and friends. They strive to “publish writing of the highest quality, driven by clear prose, accurate facts and references, and approved subject quotes.” They pay 50 cents a word for the original word count assigned. For details, refer to their contributor guidelines.
Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) is a professional membership association that is committed to providing educational, advocacy, and networking resources to the credentialing community. They are currently accepting white paper abstracts. White papers are 6 to 12 pages long publications that inform, educate, and maybe persuade the audience on a particular topic. Upon publication, they pay an honorarium of $750 to the author. For details, refer to this page.
Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) is a magazine for professional journalists published by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. They “monitor the press in all its forms, calling attention to its shortcomings and strengths in order to ensure that the standards of honest and responsible journalism remain the bedrock of our profession.” According to payment reports, they pay an average of $0.60 per word. To contact them, refer to this page.


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