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Written by Dave G.

Freelance Employer Spotlight: Journalism Jobs

If you want to work as a journalist, you probably know how tough it can be. This article is here to help you find the right job as a professional journalist.

The cadre of today’s (finally) booming economy is, arguably, freelancing. Working deep within basements, small rented offices and kitchen tables, women and men from Anchorage to Moscow have found freelance work a sustainable alternative to commuting miles on end for low pay. Although newcomers flock to freelancing platforms, experts are discovering hidden gems on job boards, blogs and even LinkedIn. These direct hire positions tend to pay much better than what you’re witnessing on free-for-all platforms, and even lead to permanent full-time positions – like the ones Journalism Jobs offer.

Today’s spotlight shines upon, a freelancer-friendly rendition of yet without the excessive fees that borderline extortion.


Just sixteen years young, Journalism Jobs was founded by copyeditor extraordinaire and ex-Washington Post business writer Dan Rohn. As their company name suggests, journalism work is nearly the sole focus of this website, the largest and most frequented of all similarly crafted websites. Registering nearly 3 million monthly page views, some of their more prolific employers include ESPN, Reuters, The Street and Forbes Magazine. The website operates under their parent company, New Roads Media.

Incorporating the simplest design a business website could have, prospective freelance workers are able to upload their completed resume, or simply skim through nearly 1,000 daily jobs from Dow Jones, hundreds of small to large newspapers and even major corporations. Doesn’t seem like many to choose from, yet consider this: the caliber of writer applying for this work exceeds what you’d find on essay mill sites, and employers have expectations that many freelancers working on platforms couldn’t possibly handle.

You’ll find a vast resource section chock full of articles, information on journalism schools, salary information for media professionals to take to bargaining table, and loads of professionally written articles that help bring clarity to a sometimes unclear digital media world. Overall, we’re impressed with how simple, tidy and expansive managed to grow into within 16 short years.

The Writing Opportunity

Unlike Demand Studios (et al.) where you’re working directly with them, Journalism Jobs provides a ‘direct connect service’, if you will, that allows media professionals to see actual companies and government entities who need writers, editors, reporters, photographers and all other media-related positions. Once you click on a particular job of interest, you’re taken to the company’s website (or subsidiary) where you’ll apply, negotiate salary and work directly with them to hash out paychecks, 1099’s and future work. All of this costs nothing to freelancers, which wins our immediate praise.

If you’re inundated with work, or are busy looking for work in multiple places, Journalism Jobs allows freelancers to upload their resume; employers can then login, vet possible candidates for vacancies then contact media mavens directly. You can even receive alerts when positions of interest are posted by employers, especially handy when you’re working full-time until your ‘big break’ in journalism unfolds.

How to Sign Up

When you click on ‘Post a Resume’, you’re taken to a split page: either login, or create your free account. Upon completion of this process, you’ll be able to create your cover letter, upload your resume, see who viewed your profile and respond to employers. The process is much simpler than when Career Builder and Monster started out, although one flaw that may hurt Journalism Jobs down the road involves their lack of portfolio showcasing.

While browsing jobs, you may print or save jobs for later applying. Overall, the signup process takes less than five minutes unless you’re freestyling your resume, or need to freshen up your cover letter. We found it particularly advantageous to include links to portfolio items, blog posts, newspaper articles or other freelance work profiles to increase probability of being selected.

How to Get Writing Jobs

Since you’re dealing directly with corporations, major blogs and your occasional multimillion dollar media magnate, there’s no ‘secret sauce’ we’re able to provide freelancers that’ll produce guaranteed job security; every employer has their own criteria. However, we’ll say this: if you’re lacking a suitable blend of experience and education, have no portfolio of work and are applying for advanced positions, you’ll probably get overlooked. There are entry-level writing and media-based positions frequently posted, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Some positions do require a physical presence, so freelancers should always read through every job posted and contact the listed representative should you need further clarification or would rather split commuting and home working duties. Blog writing, photography and even editorial positions are often self-employment positions, so you’ll essentially work from anywhere and submit work remotely.

As with any application for employment, honestly completing all required fields and having an updated resume will increase your chances of grabbing that elusive interview tenfold.


The general consensus hasn’t spoken badly of Journalism Jobs, yet it’s rather hard to – they’re only the middleman. Searching the first ten pages of Google rendered no illicit reviews or derogatory feedback, and they’re pretty proactive on social media. New Roads Media, the parent company, is well-known for their content production for major auto shows and publications across the Lower 48 states.

Many have not heard of them, but don’t let their lack of mass exposure deter you from using their services as I, for one, have landed several one-off writing gigs that paid well above industry average.

Personal Experience

During downtime I experienced in 2007, I turned to Journalism Jobs as my last-ditch effort to save my monthly living expenses. I uploaded my resume, led potential hirers to my online portfolio, and then waited for several days. It took four grueling work days before Reuters actually contacted me about writing several business pieces for them. After submitting my writing sample, I was hired for one initial article; thankfully, Reuters loved it enough to grab a second article from me. The pay was good enough to get me through a rough winter month, stuff some back for next month, and helped me realize I could be weaned off freelancing’s revolving door known as ‘the platform’.

In Conclusion: A Worthy Starting Point

Quite honestly, Journalism Jobs may be viewed as ‘just another job board’, but it’s actually not. Employers come to them seeking freelancers like myself, knowing that serious media professionals who’ll dedicate time, energy and research aren’t easy finds – even in 2015. Gifted writers who may lack formal experience or baccalaureate credentials may still find work on, so don’t feel inadequate uploading minimal resumes.

On the flip side, I’d proceed with Journalism Jobs only if you’ve got enough patience to handle several rejections, some money banked in case it takes some time to find companies willing to hire you, and the drive to perform above expectations these Fortune 500 companies are guaranteed to set. Overall, it’s a worthy starting point for any media pro ready for something new, challenging or even permanent.


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