Creative Places to Find Work as a Freelance Writer

One of the most important steps that you can take to be profitable and successful in your career as a freelance writer is to ensure that you always have work to do. A full-time freelance writer is not a writer who spends his days trying to find assignments to work on. Instead, a full-time freelance writer is a writer who spends his days working on paying gigs. At one time, the best place to find paying assignments was with print publications like newspapers and magazines. However, with some effort, you can keep your days completely busy working on paying assignments without ever having to hassle with working for newspapers and magazines.

Freelance Writing Bid Sites

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to find tons of paying assignments as a freelance writer is through bid websites. These websites allow you to peruse listings that clients have posted and to bid on the assignments that interest you. They work almost like classified job listings for freelance writers’ eyes only. With some of these sites, you do have to pay a membership fee. While you can look at as many free sites as you need to in order to find assignments, you should carefully select the paid membership sites that you choose to sign up for in order to keep your overhead down.

Greeting Card Companies

Many greeting card companies allow freelance writers to submit verses to them for possible paid publication. While the most well-known greeting card companies have in-house writers that write their verses, there are dozens of smaller greeting card companies that openly solicit and welcome your verses. Some writers who have a special talent in this area may be able to spend their days doing nothing more than writing greeting card verses for cash. Others, however, may spin their wheels trying to get greeting cards to accept the verses they submit. Because of this, it is best to try this in your spare time until you learn how talented you are in this area.

Self-Publication Sites

While you can spend your days writing pieces for other people, you can also make a great profit by writing your own pieces. Some sites allow you to write pieces and publish them under your own name for profit. You may enjoy an up-front fee for the pieces, or you may get paid based on the number of views your piece receives. As a variation to this, you may also choose to sell the rights to your pieces to others. You can write on any topic you choose and post it online for someone to purchase. You can name your price, or some sites will allow others to make an offer on it.

While some freelance writers make spend their days only working on one specific type of revenue stream, many of the most profitable freelance writers will work on various revenue streams to diversify where their income is coming from. By putting these ideas to use, you may be able to fill your days in a profitable, productive way.



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