9 Magazines that Pay $300 Per Article

Contributed by S. Kalekar

This is a list of magazines that pay $300 for certain articles. They accept submissions on a wide variety of topics, including fishing, outdoor activities, German culture, and more. For an even wider variety, check out last week’s list of magazines that pay, as well as the Paid Publishing Guidebook.

1. Fly Tyer Magazine

They want articles describing new flies for catching trout, bass, panfish, and saltwater species across the U.S. and around the world. They are also interested in articles describing new tying materials and techniques, or new applications for older tying materials and techniques. Query first.

Response time: Unspecified
Word count: 2,000-2,500 for features, 1,200-2,000 for columns
Pay: $450 for features, $200-400 for short features and columns
Details here.


2. Alberta Fishing Guide

This annual magazine focuses on fishing in Alberta. They publish articles on fish species, size and catchability by water body, along with access hints, angling pressure, forage and hatches, and other pertinent information Alberta anglers want to know. Query latest by 31 August annually; completed stories are required by 31 October.

Response time: Unspecified
Word count: 1,200-1,500; query for longer features
Pay: $350-500
Details here.


3. Lake Superior Magazine

This focuses on the Lake Superior region, including its history, current events, lifestyle and tourism. They prefer manuscripts, though queries are accepted. Both emailed and mailed submissions are accepted. However, their guidelines say emails are more prone to getting lost in the system.

Response time: 3-4 months or longer
Word count: 1,600-2,000 for features, 800-1,200 for departments
Pay: $200-400 for features, $75-200 for departments
Details here.


4. Smoky Mountain Living Magazine

The magazine covers the southern Appalachians and its environment, people, crafts, music and art.

Response time: Unspecified
Word count: 1,500-3,500 for features, 1,000-1,500 for non-fiction, 700-850 for Mountain Views essay and departments
Pay: $250-450 for features, $200 for non-fiction/personal essay, $125 for Mountain Views essay and departments
Details here.


5. Goldenseal

This quarterly magazine is published by the State of Virginia, Division of Culture and History. They welcome articles on West Virginian folklife, traditional farming practices, industry and commerce, holiday and community celebrations, immigrants, music, crafts, herbs, women’s history, or similar. They prefer stories about living West Virginians, based on direct, recent interviews.

Response time: 6-9 months
Word count: 500-3,000
Pay: $0.10/word
Details here.


6. Kentucky Monthly

They feature articles on Kentucky’s culture, food, history, lifestyle, outdoors, travel and human interest. Pitch early.

Response time: Unspecified
Word count: 1,000-2,500
Pay: $0.15/word
Details here.


7. Outdoor Oklahoma

This is a magazine of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. They occasionally buy freelance articles, and accept reprints.

Response time: Unspecified
Word count: Above 1,500 for features, 500-1,500 for shorter articles
Pay: $300-450 for features, $125-250 for shorter articles, $75 for sidebars and “Off the Beaten Path” articles
Details here.


8. Ventana Monthly

They want sophisticated, tightly focused articles related to Ventura County. Topics of interest include personalities, philanthropy, architecture, food, sports, shopping and travel.

Response time: Unspecified
Word count: 400-1,500
Pay: $0.20/word
Details here.


9. German Life

This magazine deals with German culture, past and present, and how North America has been shaped by its German element. They accept reports on social, political, cultural and historical events. Query first.

Response time: Unspecified; only responds if interested
Word count: 1,200 for features, 300-800 for departments, 250-300 for book reviews
Pay: $300-500 for features, $100-130 for reviews and short pieces, up to $80 for fillers
Details here.



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