21 Calls for Pitches Directly from Editors

Dear Writers,

Here’s our latest roundup of calls for pitches directly from editors.

A friendly reminder: Please do not contact these publishers without carefully studying the publications first. Make sure you understand their publication, and the types of articles they publish, before you send them a pitch.

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Jacob Jans

Thanks to Fatima Saif for contributing to this article.

Shondaland is a storytelling company founded by Shonda Rhimes. Their editor has tweeted, “Are you a culture writer who’s also expert on K-dramas? Do you have thoughts on Squid Game? If so, I’m open to your pitches on the show and the rise in popularity of K-dramas (esp in the US).” Rate is $500+. If interested, email britni@shondaland.com. Read their editor’s Tweet here and contact them here.

SuperParent is “a digital media brand for modern parents raising the next generation of video gamers and technology fans.” They are accepting pitches for features. If you have a story idea about “family-friendly video gaming, parenting and technology, or anything else” that they cover, then email hello@superparent.com. Rate is $100 to $250. To learn more, refer to their Tweet. To contact them, refer to this page.

Input is a tech publication. Their features editor is accepting pitches from freelance writers. He has tweeted, “Broadly speaking, we’re interested in stories at the intersection of technology and culture. And we cover fashion, streetwear in particular.” Rate is $0.50 to $1.00 per word. Pitches should be sent to mark.yarm@inputmag.com. Read their features editor’s Tweet here and contact them here.

Rooted in Rights Blog is a platform that amplifies the authentic perspectives of disabled writers. They are looking for pitches on the following topics: National Disability Employment Awareness Month; Bullying Prevention Month; LGBTQ History Month; Dysautonomia Awareness Month; Indigenous Peoples Day; Blindness Awareness Month; White Cane Safety Day; and anything else you would like to write about. They pay at least $100. To learn more, refer to their Twitter thread. To pitch, refer to this page.

The Forward is a source of news, opinion, culture, and life through a Jewish lens. They are accepting pitches for op-eds. Their rates generally start at $250. If interested, email your pitches to adkins@forward.com. To learn more, refer to their opinion editor’s Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

Give Me Astoria covers Astoria’s culture, dining, events, lifestyle, fashion, art, music, and more. They are seeking pitches for their December issue. You can send pitches about “restaurants, activities, or fun events happening in the Astoria/LIC queens area” to merissa.principe@givemeastoria.com. They typically pay $100/ article for researched stories. To learn more, refer to their editor’s Tweet. To contact them, refer to this page.

Are We Europe is a quarterly publication that commissions articles and photo series from young journalists in Europe. They are seeking pitches for Designing (for) Humans: “The shape of our surroundings determines how we are/act. We want to explore how design at different scales works for (or against) humans, and the impact it has on our everyday lives.” Their rates start at 0.10 cents per word for non-fiction. They offer 200 euros for photo series and 50 euros or an AWE membership for fiction and poetry. To learn more, refer to their Tweet and pitch guide.

Deadline: October 17th, 2021

Immerse is a publication (produced in partnership with the MIT Open DocLab) that sparks creative dialogue around emerging forms of non-fiction media (VR, XR, AR, video games, interactive media, and beyond). They are seeking writers to participate in their upcoming special issue. The theme of the issue is Making the Metaverse. They are seeking proposals for pieces (1,200 to 1,500 words) that “critically and imaginatively reflect on the actors, stakeholders, and potential directions for the collection of technologies, projects, platforms, and dispositions that are currently grouped under ‘the Metaverse’ as a term.” Their standard fee is $250. Send your proposals to editor@immerse.news. For details, refer to their Tweet and call for proposals.

Deadline: October 7th, 2021

The Objective is a nonprofit newsroom that publishes “reporting, first-person commentary, and reported essays on communities journalism in the U.S. has typically ignored.” They are accepting pitches. They pay $100 to $400 per piece. If interested, email your pitches to submissions@objectivejournalism.org. For more information, refer to their co-founder’s Twitter thread and their ‘about’ page.

Insider is a global news publication. Their editor, global news correspondents is seeking “scoopy, ambitious stories + original, surprising features reported from the ground.” Their rates start at $0.50 per word for news. They pay significantly more for features. Send your pitches to ehonan@insider.com. Read their editor’s Twitter thread here and contact them here.

Guardian US is a website that covers American and international news. Their assistant editor, features has tweeted, “I am looking for writers who write beautiful narrative about race, manhood and growing up. Pls send me suggestions/clippings if you’re putting yourself forward. Needs to be available quickly.” “This is a task for a fairly seasoned writer, and should be American (due to the nature of the commission).” Rate is 70c + per word. For details, read their editor’s Twitter thread and their freelance charter.

British GQ is a magazine that offers the latest tips for men on fashion, style, grooming, fitness, travel destinations, and more. Their associate digital editor is seeking writers to contribute to their regular Fitness Diary slot. “Looking for interesting celebrities talking about their diet/fitness/wellness routines. Doesn’t need a strong hook but if there is one, great! Looking for interesting stories first and foremost.” Rates start at £120 for these pieces (around 600 words). Send your pitches to ben.allen@condenast.co.uk. To learn more, refer to their editor’s Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

Polygon is Vox Media’s gaming website. They are accepting pitches for their tabletop section. According to their pitching guidelines, they accept pitches for “original reporting, essays, op-eds, reviews, and features.” They are currently planning out the lineup of the last quarter, so now would be a good time to pitch. They pay $150 to $300 per piece. To learn more, refer to their tabletop editor’s Twitter thread and their pitching guidelines.

Unbias the News is an all-women feminist newsroom that is “working towards a more equitable and inclusive world of journalism.” They are seeking a limited number of personal narrative pieces. They are seeking pieces from all over the world but they have “a special look at the moment to Afghanistan, African and Arabic-speaking countries.” They strongly encourage pitches from BIPOC, LGBTQI people. They pay 250 euros for personal narratives and 500 euros per person for investigative/other pieces. At the moment, their focus is on narrative pieces. To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread and their ‘about us’ page.

gal-dem is a British online and print magazine that is dedicated to sharing the stories of women and non-binary people of color. Their editor is looking for the following personal essay themes for their first person section: “how the CLIMATE CRISIS is affecting you, addictions, mental health, disability, back to school/uni, going OUT out, post-lockdown life, religion/cults/spiritually, cozy food and NOSTALGIA.” They pay £80 for 800 words. They are accepting pitches on a rolling basis. Read their editor’s Twitter thread here. Submit your pitch here (don’t email them).

Digital Spy is the United Kingdom’s biggest TV and movies site. Their deputy movies editor is seeking pitches about No Time To Die. She is especially seeking pitches from underrepresented voices. According to payment reports, they pay £70 to £90 for comment pieces (about 700 words). Pitches should be sent to ggeisinger@digitalspy.co.uk. Read their editor’s Tweet here and their pitch guide here.

Tom’s Guide is a website that covers all things consumer tech. Their senior editor has tweeted, “Any freelance game reviewers who can take on a big project between now and next week? Some review experience required, since it’s a tight turnaround. Clean copy is a must.” “Relatively powerful gaming PC is also a must. Bonus points if you’ve written for another Future publication before, but any reputable site is good in my book.” They usually pay $400 for game reviews of about 1,500 words. If interested, email marshall.honorof@futurenet.com. To read their senior editor’s Twitter thread, click here. To learn more about them, click here.

Fanfyte is Fanbyte’s wrestling section. Their editor is actively looking for pitches: “The more unique the pitch the better. No era off limits, most promotions wide open.” Their features start at around $250 and simple, fun listicles start at around $150. Their essays and op-eds go for around $200. If interested, send your pitches to carrand@fanbyte.com. To learn more, read their editor’s Twitter thread and their pitch guide. To read Fanfyte’s articles, refer to this page.

The Walrus is a Canadian general interest magazine. They are looking for young writers and artists aged 13-18 for a special upcoming series. Here are some things that they would like to read about:

  • “Why the voting age should be lowered to sixteen

  • Tuition is becoming more and more expensive. Is a university degree still worth it?

  • Rent keeps going up in big cities—will I ever be able to move out?

  • What it’s like growing up when your entire life has been posted to social media”

According to payment reports, they pay up to $1 per word. For details, refer to their Tweet and this page.

Deadline: October 29th, 2021

Positive News is a website and quarterly print magazine that “publishes good journalism about good things.” They are seeking sparky and smart ideas for solutions-focused features for their next issue which will come out in January. They usually pay 30p/word. This opportunity is open to professional journalists from anywhere in the world. For details, read their editor-in-chief’s Tweet and their pitching guide.

Deadline: October 6th, 2021

The Monitor is a bimonthly policy and current affairs magazine by CCPA (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives). They are seeking pitches for their Jan/Feb issue that explores life 20 years after the introduction of Canada’s Anti-Terror Act: “How do we make amends for the damage caused by 20 years of Islamophobia? How do we restore equitable freedom of assembly in Canada?” They are looking for features, investigative journalism, book reviews, and illustrations. They pay $300 for <800 words, $500 for 1,300 to 1,500 words, up to $800 for features, and $200 for book reviews. They prioritize marginalized writers. If interested, send your pitches to monitor@policyalternatives.ca. To learn more, refer to this Tweet and their call for submissions.

Deadline: October 15th, 2021


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