14 Calls for Pitches Directly from Editors

Dear Writers,

Here’s our latest roundup of calls for pitches, directly from editors.

Please do not contact any of these editors without carefully studying their publication to make sure that you’re sending a pitch that closely fits their needs. If too many people send bad pitches, editors are likely to no longer openly solicit pitches. So, please do your part and only contact an editor after doing your due diligence.

If you’re not sure how to write a good pitch, read this.

— Jacob Jans

Thanks for Fatima Saif for her research on this list.

Space.com covers space science, exploration, and astronomy. Their tech and entertainment editor has tweeted, “Space is interested in features around space games. Particularly interested in No Man’s Sky, Elite Dangerous, Eve Online atm, but anything space-related.” Rate is £150/$200 per ≈1,000 words. Email your pitches to ian.stokes@futurenet.com. To read their editor’s Twitter thread, click here. To learn more about them, click here.

Institute for Palestine Studies is a source of information and analysis on Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Their senior editor is looking to commission articles on “the experience of Palestinians in Latin America — oral histories, analysis, news, arts…” Pay is $100. Pitches should be sent to blog@palestine-studies.org. Read their senior editor’s Twitter thread here. Contact them here.

Opportunity to write for a blog for Rights for Animal Rights Activists: “Looking for writers for pieces on the nonprofit industrial complex and unfair labor practices and funders, inequity, and nonprofits.” Pay is $100 per piece. If interested, send your pitches to rootsdeiconsultingandpolicy@gmail.com. To learn more, refer to this Tweet.

New Scientist is a weekly science and technology magazine. Their editor has tweeted, “Got a cool idea for a science news article? I’m always looking for stories for New Scientist about novel technology that will affect our lives.” Payment reports indicate that they pay 50p per word. Pitches should be sent to chris.simms@newscientist.com. To read their editor’s Tweet, click here. To read their guide for freelancers, click here.

Yahoo Life covers style, beauty, fashion, wellness, and parenting. Their parenting editor is looking to work with freelancers who specialize in parenting reporting. She has tweeted, “Along with expert explainers, I’d like to see first-person essays and reporting covering a range of diverse perspectives (families in marginalized communities, single/solo parents, disabled parents, foster parents, etc.). I am also keen to hear about the latest zeitgeisty parenting trend or bizarre TikTok phenomenon.” Rates begin at $250. Pitches should be sent to erin.donnelly@yahooinc.com. To read their parenting editor’s Twitter thread, click here. To visit their website, click here.

Oregon Humanities Magazine is a triannual publication that “connects Oregonians to ideas that change lives and transform communities.” They are open for submissions for their Spring 2023 issue. The theme of the issue is “Joy and Pain.” They want to “hear stories about experiences that bring both happiness and suffering.” “Consider, for example, the pleasures and burdens of parenthood, the ecstatic highs and lows of adolescence, the satisfaction and bodily harm of physical labor, or any other human endeavor that is at once bitter and sweet.” They only accept work by people who reside in Oregon. Rate is $500 to $1,000. For details, refer to their Tweet and call for submissions.

Deadline: December 21st, 2022

The Loadout is a website about competitive gaming and esports. They are seeking end of year feature pitches. According to a previous Tweet by their editor, they pay an average of £150 for 1,000 words. If interested, email your opinion piece or interview pitches to jessica.wells@theloadout.com. To learn more, refer to this Tweet and their ‘about us’ page.

Stylist Magazine is a weekly magazine and a website for smart, successful, and sophisticated women. Their fashion editor is commissioning thought-provoking and original fashion features. Their fashion editor hasn’t mentioned the rates in their Tweet but according to a Tweet by their entertainment editor, they pay £150 for 800 to 1,000 words. If interested, send your pitches to naomi.may@stylist.co.uk. For more information, refer to their fashion editor’s Tweet and their pitch guide.

Cosmopolitan is a women’s magazine for dating tips, sex advice, beauty tutorials, fashion trends, and celebrity news. Their features director has tweeted, “For the April issue of Cosmo, the features team is seeking proposals for immersive, richly reported reads that relate in *some* way to the theme of COUPLES (and other intimate configurations).” Pay is $1.50 to $2.00 per word. Pitches should be sent to erin.quinlan@hearst.com. To read their features director’s Twitter thread, click here. To visit their website, click here.

Deadline: November 16th, 2022

Business Insider covers business, financial, and technology news. Their associate editor (freelance desk) has tweeted, “Soft bump to freelancers: holiday travel season is nearly upon us and I am always on the lookout for job diaries or experientials from airport staff and crew! How are they feeling? How are they preparing? Is anyone choosing not to fly this holiday season? Pitch me!” Their pitch guide suggests that their rates begin at £250/$320 for personal essays and £270/$350 for single interviews. To read their associate editor’s Tweet, click here.

Road.Travel is a UK-based travel technology company that delivers curated road trips to travelers. They are looking for 5 writers to “review pre-decided (and partially pre-written) US road trip routes and points of interests, then write up those POIs (50-100 words max).” No travel involved. Rate is $100/route day. Routes needed:

“- Tallahassee, Florida to Mobile, Alabama, to Panama City Beach: 2 routes, 2 route days total, ~13 POIs ($200)

– Covington to Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky: 2 routes, 4 route days total, ~25 POIs ($400)

– Colorado Springs to Estes Park, Colorado: 2 routes, 3 route days total, ~15 POIs ($300)

– Orlando to Miami, Florida: 2 routes, 4 route days total, ~32 POIs ($400)

– Charleston to Atlanta and Charleston to Savannah, Georgia: 2 routes, 5 route days total, ~30 POIs ($500)”

If interested, email anthony.jillian@gmail.com as soon as possible. First drafts are due 11/28. Details here and here.

Digital Spy is the United Kingdom’s biggest TV and movies site. They are looking for Black Panther Wakanda Forever pitches. They are specifically looking for pitches from underrepresented writers. Previous reports indicate that they pay £70 to £90 for comment pieces (about 700 words). To learn more, refer to their deputy movies editor’s Twitter thread. To contact them, refer to this page.

Passionfruit is the Daily Dot’s creator economy newsletter. They are seeking business pitches. Rates: Interviews start at $300 and reported features start at $450. If interested, email your pitches to grace.stanley@dailydot.com. To learn more, refer to this Twitter thread and their website.

C Magazine is a Canada-based contemporary art and criticism periodical. They are accepting pitches for their issue C154 “Gossip” (Spring 2023). Pitches for thematic features, artist projects, and columns will be accepted until December 1, 2022. Review pitches will be accepted on a rolling basis. Rates are $360 for print reviews (800 to 1,000 words) and $175 for online reviews (325 to 375 words). Pitches should be sent to pitch@cmagazine.com. To learn more, refer to their Tweet, call for pitches, and submission and writer’s guidelines.

Deadline: December 1st, 2022



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