65 Magazines that Pay Writers.

The following is a list of 65 magazines in a wide variety of topics. All of the magazines accept submissions from freelance writers.

For a list of hundreds of publishers, check out Litworth’s database. It currently has 320 publishers listed, in a wide variety of markets, and includes payment information for each of the publishers.

Health and Wellness Magazines

If you have a passion for, or experience in, the fields of health and wellness, you should be writing about it. There is a definite market for health, exercise, meditation, and other forms of wellness. This mix of lesser-known and big-ticket publications will help get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Eating Well
    A national food magazine all about eating healthfully, Eating Well covers nutrition firmly based in science. The mag includes informative articles, and great recipes. Pay is up to $1/word. Check out their writers’ guidelines here: http://www.eatingwell.com/writers_guidelines
  2. Wellbeing Magazine
    Wellbeing Magazine is an Australian-born publication exploring ways to improve our quality of life as well as the health of the planet, and payment for helpful, informative articles is up to $750 AU. Learn more here: http://www.wellbeing.com.au/html/contribute/
  3. Whole Life Times
    Running since 1978, this LA-based publication focuses on holistic health and metaphysics. Write articles about meditation, yoga, or the latest research from a wellness-perspective, or a how-to, book-review or personal essay. Although they have a general Southern-California focus, there is plenty of room for broad topics. Pay ranges from $25-125. For more information, check out http://www.wholelifetimes.com/writers-guidelines/
  4. Mother Earth Living
    As the name suggests, Mother Earth Living is a magazine promoting conscious, sustainable lifestyles. You can write how-to’s, remedies, and dip into all the latest wellness topics. Agreed-upon payment is made upon publication. Check out the writer’s guidelines here: http://www.motherearthliving.com/mother-earth-living-freelance-writer-guidelines.aspx
  5. The Aquarian
    The Aquarian is a quarterly newsprint publication and website covering wellness and holistic health, among other things. Pay ranges between 2.5 and 10 cents (Canadian) per word. For a detailed overview of their process and best-practices, read through their writer’s guide here: http://www.aquarianonline.com/print-writers-guide/
  6. Alive Magazine
    Alive is a Canadian print magazine with informative, reader-friendly articles about natural health and wellness. Pay varies. Check out their guidelines for more information: http://d2mdn1s78c9h86.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Writers-Guidelines-2015.pdf
  7. Chatelaine Magazine
    Chatelaine is a women’s magazine with a robust health section. This mag features plenty of timely articles about the latest science around health and wellness. Pay is $1 per word. Get the details here: http://site.chatelaine.com/pdf/Chatelaine-Writers-Guidelines.pdf
  8. Women’s Health
    Women’s Health features the latest health trends, first-person stories, lifestyle how-to’s, and engaging pieces on the latest medical information about, well, women’s health. Here’s a list of their editorial staff: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/all-about-the-womens-health-staff
  9. Men’s Health
    Like it’s counterpart Women’s Health, Men’s Health is all about creating digestible, accessible articles, grounded in expert information, on nutrition, health, and physical fitness. Look up who to pitch to here: http://www.menshealth.com/events-and-promotions/digital-masthead#billp
  10. Diabetes Health
    A practical, educational magazine about all the various facets of diabetes, Diabetes Health features medically informed articles as well as personal stories about the complexities of living with, or caring for someone with, diabetes. Payment is unspecified, and reportedly depends on experience. Find contact information here: https://www.diabeteshealth.com/contact/

Eco-Friendly Travel Magazines

As we grow more aware of global environmental concerns, ecotourism is becoming an increasingly important option for consumers. If you have a passion for eco-friendly travel, here are a few places you can write for, in addition to traditional publications.

  1. Verge Magazine. A magazine for people who want to “travel with purpose,” Verge covers opportunities for people to explore the world through volunteering, working, or studying abroad. There’s room here for an unusual take on ecotourism. Learn more here.
  2. Epicure and Culture. Looking to get your foot in the door, practice your pitching skills, and gain exposure? Epicure and Culture, a food, wine, and travel blog for the ethical traveler, accepts eco-travel pitches. Payment is 10 dollars upon publication. Read the guidelines here.
  3. National Geographic Traveler is published eight times a year. The magazine’s goals are to “find the new, showcase fresh travel opportunities, to be an advocate for travelers.” Payment is made upon publication. Check out the guidelines here.
  4. The Guardian – Travel section. The Guardian has an exciting travel section, full of tips and location reviews, and they’ve covered features on ecotourism before. Have a look at their past articles on the topic and send your pitch to andy.pietrasik@theguardian.com. Also, you might find this guardian piece on expert travel-writing tips a great resource.
  5. G Magazine. An Australian lifestyle magazine devoted to helping people reduce their ecological footprint, G Magazine has plenty of options for writing about green travel. Payment for feature articles range from $400 to $1,500 AUD, and articles in the department sections range from $150 to $800 AUD. Check out their writer’s guidelines here.
  6. Cultures and Cuisines is a website that publishes “informed, intelligent, well-written narratives…where food and travel meet.” If you have an eco-travel story that jives with this, payment is firmly set at $200 an article. Learn more here.
  7. Travel + Leisure. This all-encompassing lifestyle and travel publication leaves plenty of room for eco-friendly travel ideas. Have a look around their website, and find the appropriate editor here.

Parenting Magazines

No matter what kind of family you have, there are all sorts of publications who want to hear about your parenting experience! You may have a unique, important point of view that other parents find helpful, encouraging, or just downright hilarious. Check out this list for 10 more paid writing opportunities for parents.

  1. ADDitude Magazine
    The leading destination for families and adults living with ADD and learning disabilities, ADDitude is mostly written by journalists and mental health professionals, but they also accept articles by parents who have personal experience with ADHD and learning disabilities. Check out ADDitude’s writing guidelines here. Bonus: ADDitude is looking for parent bloggers, so if you want to share your journey raising a little one who has ADHD, get your butt over to that link and scroll to the bottom for more info.
  2. Adoptive Family Magazine
    An award-winning resource for adoptive parents and people navigating the adoption process, Adoptive Families provides information and support through expert articles, personal stories, and advice. If you’re an adoptive parent (or in the process of adopting), click on the writers’ guidelines here for info on submitting articles or personal essays.
  3. Babble
    A lively Disney-affiliated website, Babble is a mix of heartwarming posts, silly stuff, and a variety of resources. Sources from the freelancing grapevine report that Babble pays $150 for an 800-1,000 word piece. Go here for writers’ guidelines.
  4. Working Mother
    Working Mother is an insightful, dynamic website with fun, affirming posts, as well as pieces tackling serious issues working mothers deal with. Check out the writer’s guidelines here.
  5. Baby Corner
    Baby Corner is a website that provides all-encompassing information, advice, and support for anyone who has, is expecting, or hoping to have a baby. You can pitch your work or ideas to them, or you can apply to be added to their writing pool where you may receive assignments based on their main topics. The writer’s guidelines are here.
  6. Scary Mommy
    Despite what the name might conjure, scarymommy.com isn’t just about discipline. The title is simply meant to convey the messy, imperfect, day-to-day life of parenting. There’s a wide scope here! Scary Mommy features thoughtful writing on a variety of issues and parenting stages. The site will pay $100 for a piece of original content. Have a look at their Write for Us section here.
  7. Just Parents
    Just Parents is an informative community website for new and expecting parents. The site features everything from cleaning tips to articles about coping with labor. The UK site pays £40 ($60 US). Learn more from their Write for Us here.
  8. Parents & Kids
    Parents & Kids Magazine is “a resource for busy families, providing real-life solutions, sound advice, creative ideas, and practical information to make their lives easier.“ Based in the Jackson area of Mississippi, it features informative articles, helpful tips, and topics that parents care about. The pay is $25 per article. Check out their writers’ guidelines here.
  9. Simply Family Magazine
    A monthly magazine designed as a free resource for families in a localized region of Montana, Simply Family Magazine covers every parenting stage from newborns all the way through college freshmen. Although they like a local tie-in, there is still room for plenty of humorous stories and “how-to” articles from non-locals. Click here to access their awesome writer’s guidelines including an Editorial Calendar! Fees vary.
  10. The Green Parent
    This UK publication assists parents in their pursuit of green living and other parenting goals. Check out their vastly detailed writing guidelines here. Pay is £75 (UK) per 1,000 words.

Music Magazines

Do you have a passion for music? Wading into the sea of music journalism can be daunting. The good news is there are so many avenues for music writing from pop-commentary websites to magazines featuring niche or obscure genres. So, while you’re busy making contacts and crafting cool pitches, here are 10 publications that pay you to write about music.

  1. Rolling Stone
    The iconic magazine manages breaking news in music, reviews, and interviews with famous and emerging artists. Rolling Stone reportedly pays more than $1/word. Content must be relevant, interesting, and exceptional journalistic quality. To submit a pitch, email rseditors@rollingstone.com. The current editor is Jann Wenner, so you can always try jann.wenner@rollingstone.com. This publication is a heavy-weight, so here’s a handy rundown of tips for pitching them.
  2. Paste Magazine
    A leading arts and pop-culture publication, Paste looks for fresh, creative ideas for feature articles, essays, trend stories, and reviews. Their fee is $50 upon publication. Check out their handy writers guidelines for more information, and their list of editorial contacts for who to email your submission to.
  3. M: Music and Musicians
    M takes an inside look at the music industry, profiling and interviewing artists from a range of genres. Rates reportedly vary from $25 for album reviews to $450 for a feature. Submit pitches to Rick Taylor at Rick@Mmusicmag.com. Learn more about them at their website.
  4. DRUM! Magazine
    Are you a drumming enthusiast? DRUM! pays between 50 and 300 words for freelance drumming articles with an educational bent. Short pieces can range between 300 and 1,000 words, while a cover story may be as long as 4,000 words. Drummagazine.com has a helpful, detailed Writers Guide here. Address your query to Editor-in-Chief Andy Doerschuk at andy@drumlink.com
  5. Wired
    Wired.com features playful, interesting, and dynamic music writing, often exploring the intersections of music and technology. Payment varies on a case-by-case basis. Send pitches to submit@wired.com – or directly to the pop culture & entertainment editors: angela_watercutter@wired.com, Peter Rubin, peter_rubin@wired.com.
  6. Relix
    Relix is a magazine with a strong focus on live music. They cover music festivals, interview bands, and review albums and shows. Payment varies. Their list of editors and their contact info is here.
  7. Pitchfork
    Pitchfork is a well-regarded music criticism publication with a slightly academic voice. They reportedly pay $100 for a profile or interview, $80 for criticism, review, or arts/entertainment coverage, $100 for a news story. If you’re pitching without a pre-existing relationship, it’s suggested that you pitch something interesting but low-profile. “Someone who’s never written for Pitchfork is never going to be reviewing the new Arcade Fire album,” Mark Richardson, editor-in-chief, advised on contently.net. His email, by the way, is markr@pitchfork.com, and here is their comprehensive list of contacts to pitch to.
  8. Symphony Magazine
    Symphony magazine features news, essays, and in-depth articles related to all the latest happenings in the orchestra world. Features of about 1500-3,000 words include classical music trends and profiles of individual soloists, orchestras, etc. Fees are negotiable, but payment is reported to be between $500 and $900. Pitch Editors Robert Sandla at rsandla@americanorchestras.org, Chester Lane at clane@americanorchestras.org, or Jennifer Melick at jmelick@americanorchestras.org. Learn more about them here.
  9. Noisey –A smart, irreverent cultural website that blends music journalism with mult-media, Noisey features music-video commentary, interviews, album reviews, and all the latest in music news. Writers report payment to be about $50 per 500-1,000 word op-ed. Dan Ozzi, Music Editor at Noisey, has a great breakdown of how to pitch to him here. You can reach him at dan.ozzi@vice.com.Whether you’re a veteran or aspiring writer, you can never have too long a list of pubs to write for. Best of luck to all you music fanatics.

Home Decor Magazines

  1. Elle Decor is one of the most popular magazines in the home décor field and features articles on everything from creating a stylish living room to crafting the perfect cocktail. They have sections for home makeovers, celebrity design style and life and culture. If you’re interested in contributing, send a pitch to EDSubmissions@hearst.com. Their website: elledecor.com
  2. Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles is another top choice. The magazine features gorgeous interiors separated by category (such as kitchen, bathroom and high rises) as well as lifestyle advice. Interested freelancers can contact their editors via editor@AtlantaHomesMag.com. Their website: atlantahomesmag.com
  3. Romantic Homes is put out by Engaged Media, Inc. and features design tips and shopping guides for readers looking for a romantic style of living. Writers can send an email to editor Jickie Torres with their pitch at jtorres@engagedmediainc.com. Their website: engagedmediamags.com.
  4. Another Engaged Media, Inc. property, Flea Market Decor is always providing readers with guides on how to recreate a fun and funky style in their home. They’re also looking for profiles on vintage shop owners and anyone other purveyors of eclectic style. Jickie Torres is also the editor for Flea Market Decor and can be reached at at jtorres@engagedmediainc.com.
  5. Rue is another popular publication. Writers can show off with a home tour or highlight their best recipes. To get in touch with an editor, shoot a pitch to info@ruemag.com. Their website: ruemag.com
  6. Lonny showcases beautiful home décor from around the world and also gives the latest info on celebrity home purchases and décor. They also love DIY articles, so if you’re crafty, try pitching them at lonny@livingly.com. Their website: www.lonny.com
  7. HGTV Magazine is looking for contributors to submit their household habits and DIY projects. In addition to interior design, they also cover out outdoor design. If you’re interested in contributing, send your idea to hgtvmagazine@hearst.com. Their website: www.hgtv.com/design


Women’s Magazines

Several women’s magazines have weathered today’s turbulent publishing market. Here are ten publications with topics that run the gamut from style and beauty, to politics, to women’s health features.

  1. Cosmopolitan
    The classic magazine brings love, relationship, career, and beauty/style to 20-to-40-something women. Here is the list of editors for Cosmpolitan.com, as well as the print magazine. Searching each particular editor on the website will uncover their emails. Bonus tip: Cosmo is currently taking submissions for personal essays about college. Find out more here.
  2. Woman’s Day
    Woman’s Day is a fun, down-to-earth publication that features parenting tips, car reviews, and articles about relationships. Here are their writer’s guidelines. They are a bit stringent about only accepting pitches from writers with clips from national publications, but even if you’re a beginning writer, you can bookmark their guidelines for the future.
  3. Elle Magazine
    Elle features high fashion, culture, and women’s issues. Check out their editor list here to pitch your story. The magazine has been going in different directions in recent years, so they may have room for both new and experienced writers.
  4. Essence
    “The premiere lifestyle, fashion, and beauty magazine for African-American women,” Essence has been a popular magazine for decades. Click here for specific query-writing instructions in their writing guidelines.
  5. Good Housekeeping
    Good Housekeeping is a classic women’s magazine whose primary audience is married, working women with children. Known for its recipes and articles about issues everyday women face, Good Housekeeping has a few ongoing submission topics if you’re looking for ideas. Here are the submission guidelines.
  6. Marie Claire
    An international monthly magazine for women, Marie Claire was originally published in France in the 1930s. Since then it has become a staple magazine covering fashion, career advice, and politics. Check out their submission guidelines under About Us (scroll down a little ways) here.
  7. Ms. Magazine
    Debuting in the 70’s Ms. is a magazine that discusses a variety of issues from a feminist perspective. Click here for a complete masthead, and if you keep scrolling down you’ll find blog and magazine submission instructions as well.
  8. Redbook
    A general women’s publication, Redbook’s audience is women 25-35 who are often navigating life transitions like getting married or having children. The magazine focuses on topics like parenting, relationships, and more. This is your chance to write about relatable, modern issues that women tackle. Click here for your writer’s guidelines.
  9. Oxygen
    Oxygen is a women’s health magazine that features training, workouts, nutrition tips, and other relevant information. Find the list of editors’ emails here.

Feminist Magazines

The following is a list of 7 feminist magazines that pay writers. All of them accept submissions from freelance writers. Payment rates vary, depending on the magazine. Some of them will need to be negotiated directly with the publisher.

  1. Ms. Magazine was the first national feminist magazine to make feminist voices widely available to the public. They publish articles consider articles on politics, social commentary, popular culture, law, eduction, and the environment. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  2. Everyday Feminism is an online magazine that launched in 2012 to huge success. They reach over 4 million visitors a month. They accept applications for contributor positions, as well as their fellowship program. They publish from an intersectional feminist perspective, bringing in a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  3. LiisBeth is a “a reader and community supported zine that examines entrepreneurship, start-up culture, and the innovation eco-system through a progressive feminist lens.” They pay up to $1,000 for articles. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  4. xoJane publishes stories with a raw / honest perspective. They want “first person stories about something unusual, interesting or downright amazing that has happened in your life.” They like brutal honesty and radical transparency. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  5. The Establishment is a multimedia site run and funded by women. They seek to unearth overlooked stories, produce original reporting, and provide a platform for voices that have been marginalized by the mainstream media. They pay $125 for features, essays, and op-eds. They pay $500 for long for investigative pieces. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  6. The FutureFire pays a token payment up to $20 for short stories. They “are particularly interested in feminist, queer, postcolonial and ecological themes.” To learn more, read their submission guidelines.
  7. Bitch Magazine is a nonprofit, independent, feminist media organization dedicated to providing and encouraging an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture. They pay $200 for feature articles. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Airline Magazines

  1. Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine. Air Canada’s magazine reaches over 1 million readers a month. They have an international audience, and high expectations. They accept submissions in a variety of categories. They aim to respond to submissions within 30 days. Be sure to read their full submission guidelines.
  2. Alaska Airlines Magazine. Not only is Alaska one of the largest airlines in North America, most of the writing in their magazine is written by freelance writers. They are very transparent in terms of pay, with rates ranging from $150 to $700, plus expenses. Contributor Guidelines.
  3. Horizon Edition Magazine. Horizon Air is a regional airline affiliated with Alaska Air. Their magazine is largely written by freelance writers. The pay rates start at $100 for short articles, and $450 for feature stories, plus expenses. Here are their full contributor guidelines.
  4. Delta Sky Magazine. Delta is a large airline, with a big audience. They accept submissions of articles ranging from 100 word pieces to 2,000 word feature stories. They also have an editorial internship program.  Here are their  writer guidelines.
  5. WestJet Magazine. WestJet is one of Canada’s major airlines. They fly to more than 90 destinations, with a focus on Canada, the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe. Here are their submission guidelines.
  6. Lufthansa Magazin is the in-flight magazine for the major German airline.  While they do not have submission guidelines available online, the editor’s contact information is available here. They appear to publish most articles in both English and German.


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